Gimbal Build Video
  • Hello fellow Gimbal enthusiasts.

    For anyone who is interested, I built a gimbal frame out of carbon fibre and I shot video of the whole build (link is a 'start to finish' video).

    Problems I faced and final solutions to those problems:

    Play in the height adjustment bolts - caused major problems in tuning - I used thread lock to fix.
    Play in the large 8mm open bearings - caused high freq oscillations - made a locking screw mount.
    Intermittent IMU plug - one data line was not making contact - caused craziness in gimbal - replaced plug.
    Yaw motor plug did not match socket - caused jerky Yaw movement - modified plug to fit properly.
    Couldn't get the 2x IMU's to sing properly - got rid of IMU combination board and physically soldered the two IMU wire series together and shortened camera cable - This inverted the IMU position which had to be changed in GUI - fixed.
    Couldn't get MAC to connect to gimbal - downloaded suggested drivers until USB connection initiated (this took some time).
    Bluetooth connection to board - as yet unresolved.

    Gimbal working well now.



  • Nice build, a lot of work and some innovative solutions.
    BT, it should work pretty easily, just make sure you connect transmit (Tx) to receive (Rx) and pair it for the first use.
  • Hi Garug

    Thanks for the reply. I have managed to pair the BT module to both the MAC and the Android phone, however I'm experiencing the same problems others are having. After pairing devices, they fail to connect.

    I have researched that the BT module needs to be calibrated before it will operate. Specifically, the BT module needs to have the same baud rate as the motherboard @ 115200. I'm still at the stage of trying to write the code for this calibration in the "Terminal" program. Maybe I'll get there soon.

    If you have any shortcuts regarding calibrating the BT module on a MAC, that would be awesome. Its a very long and windy road this BT connection.. indeed.

  • I have some different BT modules, they have al been easy and needed no calibration, but if i remember there is some BT connection related on the GUI menus, maybe worth looking at.

    However I use BT only for changing the settings, FW update always via USB.
  • Hi Garug

    I finally managed to get it connected.

    Steps to configure HC-05 BT module

    First hit the "Board" drop down menu at top left of GUI screen and check "Configure Bluetooth"

    1) Updated to latest FW via auto option.

    2) With gimbal UNPLUGGED, I connected BT module and detached the voltage line. I did this by first making a make-shift cable from a spare USB FDTI cable. I made plugs at either end of the short cable with JST connectors. From BT module I connected Tx to Rx, Rx to Tx, ground to ground, and NO power connection.

    3) I then connected the USB cable from computer to gimbal mother board, BT module should not light up at this stage.

    4) THIS IS CRITICAL STEP - while depressing the small button down on BT module I connected the power line/wire. The BT module should light for 2 secs then off for 2 secs then light for 2 secs and so on. This kicks the BT module into AT mode. (Some are able to get the 2 second flash without depressing button but I found it would only work with button depressing).

    5) Drop down menu of 'configure speed rate' of BT module on GUI (the top section) should be changed to 38400 - then press WRITE. The rate will change automatically to 115200.

    6) Configuration successful.

    I would like to thank you Garug for supporting everyone with their problems. I have read just about every post and you are there helping. Very kind of you to find solutions to many problems, manu thanks to you.

    Hopefully my post can be of some help to someone as BT connection is not easy.