DYS SAGA - wonderful but undocumented gimbal. Help me out to understand it!
  • Hi everybody! This is the first message in this community.
    I bought the new DYS SAGA gimbal to integrate on UAV. As you may know, it's a encoder based basecam gimbal with "distributed computing" around axes. I have to say that there's no document/post/manual/user guide/blog post about it. It's simply totaly undisclosed!
    You can see the gimbal here:


    I managed to get a "user manual" which is very poor and it only contains a disclaimer and some generic and trivial informations like "how to mount the camera".

    First, i tried it on bench after updating to the latest 2.60b1 firmware, and it's working very well. I mean, VERY well. I used other encoded gimbals, like DJI, ZeroTech etc and i thought it was impossible to match their performance. Actually this one is even better!

    However, i have some questions which aren't adressed by DYS, which didn't document it at all. Maybe basecam community think can answer easly to my questions.

    The main question is about connecting SBUS receiver. Do you know if the AUX3 port is accessible somewhere? Which pad it corresponds? Eventually can you tell me which CPU pin is corresponding the AUX3 so i can find myself? I have pictures of every PCB so you can check.

    second question: there's a "radio transceiver" on the gimbal, which is integrated into it. Antenna is visible as it acts like a "hood" of one of its arms. But i cannot figure out what is it! maybe it's a remote control Receiver? Which kind? (futaba, frsky, ecc)? Or rather it's a bluetooth or wifi module? (i could not find any device or wi-fi network with my smartphone, though). There's a small hole witha button underneath, similar to "binding button" but i hadn't any effect pressing it. The board always blinks in green light.

    Thanks for all giving some information!