Beholder DS1 spinns weirdly after firmware update
  • hi there,

    please have a look at my video

    I updated my Beholder DS1 to the newest firmware 2.60b1. Also I loaded the 5 factory profiles that go with the newest firmware. Suddenly the Beholder acts very weird when I switch it on. Any ideas what this could cause? I may have reset the board to default settings. If this is the problem, does anyone have the settings for the beholder ds1?

    all the best
  • oh, and of course I did the 6point calibration of the imus and gyro.
  • i have the same problem here, but im using firmware 2.60b4 and SONY a6300

    do you have default profile? please email me if you already solved your problem.. thank you
  • Your video is very erratic, difficult to see what is going on, but first of all hold steady of the handle when testing.
  • Hey guys. I have the same problem. Knzmyk Did you get these profiles? My gimbal shakes like crazy and i can't use It.
    Thks man.
  • i have the same problem. may i have that profile too? please email me.