Beholder DS1 spinns weirdly after firmware update
  • hi there,

    please have a look at my video https://youtu.be/s3OhGa14pIA

    I updated my Beholder DS1 to the newest firmware 2.60b1. Also I loaded the 5 factory profiles that go with the newest firmware. Suddenly the Beholder acts very weird when I switch it on. Any ideas what this could cause? I may have reset the board to default settings. If this is the problem, does anyone have the settings for the beholder ds1?

    all the best
  • oh, and of course I did the 6point calibration of the imus and gyro.
  • i have the same problem here, but im using firmware 2.60b4 and SONY a6300

    do you have default profile? please email me if you already solved your problem.. thank you
  • Your video is very erratic, difficult to see what is going on, but first of all hold steady of the handle when testing.
  • Hey guys. I have the same problem. Knzmyk Did you get these profiles? My gimbal shakes like crazy and i can't use It.
    Thks man.
  • i have the same problem. may i have that profile too? please email me.
  • has any body been able to somehow get the default profiles. without default profiles it seems impossible to tune this DS1 gimbal. weirdly no body even answers you when you talk about default profiles. why is that?
  • You can setup it your self it the seller is not supporting...

    But you need to perform the complete setup, just tuning will not do any good if the basic setup is wrong. (and it is wrong if you have returned the factory defaults.)

    This might help http://www.levitezer.com/blog/files/961caec8b987076efd2f7ec37ca6bea0-27.html

    And after geting it working I would suggest saving the profiles and EEPROM. that way you can always get it back to working condition.

    Unless the setup is excatly same you can not copy the basic setings from any gimbal. IMU calibration needs to be performed for each gimbal anyway even if the gimbals are identical. (and quite possibly not all DS1 gimbals are fully identical)