want to build one
  • hello everybody, i have a question, since a few weeks i have been reading about brushless gimbals with the Alexmos 32 bit board. After seeing al those amazing things, i want to build one myself...
    I have a few questions.
    1. i have a cnc machine at home, but can't find a good design for gimbal parts, does anybody know where to find these?
    2. The camera i have weighs 1400 grams, and i don't know what motor's to use...
    3. I live in belgium, and need a store in the region for carbon tubes, the motor's and the carbon plate.
    4. do the motor's need bearings? because i want to make a gimbal that is invertable...
    5. is it worth the money to buy encoders for the motor's?

    i would be most grateful if somebody could help me with this :)
  • hello.
    if your going to build you rig encoders are a must they are on sale as set encoders motor, IMU, & BGC controller about $399 for 3 motor kit! motor i suggest GBM5208! issue is most professional gimbals have extra bearings set into the carbon fiber! motor cages help take the load off motor bearings and stress off the motor. you can connect motor directly to frame of gimbals as well