• I got my new board 2 days ago "extended" version and I have issue with PiD tuning..
    I cannot set and adjust "i" value at all...
    I started to make a PID tuning from scratch so I set everything to 0.. and when adding only "P" value I noticed gimbal is coming back to horizontal position pretty fast even with "i" value of "zero". I tried to overwrite zero with "0.01" and something crazy like "1" but there is no difference.

    I have that problem only with "i" on all axes.

    Somebody can help me with it ?
  • Depending of gimbal I might be low, should affect though how it returns after disturbance and under RC control.

    If it works well as it sounds, no need to worry about the I.
  • Ps. if P or D goes out of range, there is gain under advanced tab. Use it to keep both P and D around 50 to 250.