Gimbal shaking violently
  • Hello, I have went through these threads but cant seem to figure out the issue on my cheap 2 axis gimbal, which can be seen here http://www.banggood.com/Light-FPV-Brushless-Gimbal-wMotors-Controller-For-DJI-Phantom-p-968168.html

    Long story short: the gimbal shakes violently in all directions. The gimbal was always calibrated great, expect for a slight movement in the pitch. So i plugged it into simpleBGC GUI2.2b2 to try and fix that, and after that i dont recall what i clicked, but i cant calibrate it back. I have done 6axis calibrations over and over too. I dont know if its a wrong letter i have for the 'top' or 'right' sensor or what. Also, every time i plug it into the usb and pull up simpleBGC, it always tells me the accelerometer is not calibrated. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks