How do I flip my axis using the software?
  • Good day everyone.

    I need to flip the axis of my 2 axis gimbal using the software so that my the camera arms is at the top and the pitch motor is on the right of the drone. Can i do this via software?.

    The problem I have is that the usb port of my action cam Sjcam 5000, is on the left, the same side that my pitch motor is so I cant connect my video out.
  • do complete basic setup on gimbal position as you want to use it. IMU directions, Motor Inverted Auto etc.
  • Hello Garug.

    That is the part that I need help with :-)
  • The users manual explains the basic setup pretty well, but this might help also http://www.levitezer.com/blog/files/961caec8b987076efd2f7ec37ca6bea0-27.html