Roll while Yawing RC
  • Hey everyone, need some help I'm at wits end. I attached a video of it, but basically if I use my remote to pan (yaw) it causes a very slight roll. It recovers after I stop yawing, but it happens every time. It is not consistent with how far it tilts, nor to which side, though it is usually falling out of the turn and only goes a few degrees. Enough to lose horizon in flight which is killing my aerial video.

    Note it ONLY happens when I pan using the remote. If I spin my drone manually it will hold position and horizon perfectly, but that defeats the purpose of having a 3 axis gimbal and retractable landing gear!

    Gimbal is Arris Zhaoyun Pro 3-axis Gimbal (https://www.amazon.com/ZHAOYUN-3-Axis-Brushless-Version-Compatible/dp/B00R1F0BSS)
    Carrying a Sony A6000 , all carried by a DJI S900

    Things I've tried-
    -Gimbal is perfectly balanced all 3 axis
    -Disabled roll on RC
    -Turned Follow mode on and off
    -Super fine tuned PID's
    -Calibrated ACC a million times
    -Updating software to latest. Though I like 2.41b4 the best

    I read some people had luck with putting follow mode roll at 90* but that doesn't seem to do anything for me. Maybe I'm doing that wrong?
    Here's the video. Note that Roll is disabled on the remote during this whole video. You'll notice at the very start I pitch all the way up and it rolls. It very rarely does this and I'm less concerned with that as I am the yaw which you'll see later.


    HELP Please...
  • The gyro must be well calibrated. Disable gyro calibration at startup, do it manually before flight. allow the gimbal settle to the ambient temperature before you calibrate the gyro, and make sure the gimbal is absolutely still during the calibration (standing on a solid place and no wind hitting it etc.)

    You probably will not need to perform the gyro calibration each time, only when temperature changes a lot. And not even that if you perform temperature calibration, but it is advanced stuff, start with normal calibration before flight.

    What would make the ancient FW better than the latest?

    But be sure to use same GUI and FW version number. and If nothing else helps, save your settings, erase EEPROM and set everything up again manually. If that does not help change IMU.

    How about frame IMU?
  • I tried erasing the eeprom and starting from scratch.
    I am using the same GUI and FW versions.
    Only reason I like the older FW is due to its simplicity, I can change what I want without opening the wrong tab 5 times haha
    I just tried calibrating the gyro and then not having it recalibrate automatically...same problem