Bad IMU?
  • I have problems with my Gimbal (rose white dragon 3 axis with bmpcc/m.zuiyko 12mm - basecam with frame IMU onboard from flyduino, 4S battery)
    I did the temperature calibration for all six points and the gyros.( two times already)
    I get quite inconsistent results with the gimbal. Sometimes it slightly yaws left on faster forward flight. ( only left) Sometimes the horizon rolls, when I stop the copter.
    When I fly forward moderate to fast and the gyro trust ist low (80), the horizon also rolls. When I stop it will slowly get back to normal.
    Sometimes everything is allright and the images are very nice and smooth.
    I defined "calibrate gyro" on a rc button and that seems to help sometimes ( land, calibrate, fly again)

    When I fix the roll axis at 0° and pitch the camera, in the gui the value for roll doesn't change more than 0.3° So the IMU seems to be attached quite well.

    Any idea where to start trouble shooting?
    Defective IMU?

    Thanks for any advice,

  • Try saving all data (EEPROM and Profiles) and first rested the IMU, if it does not help, erase EEPROM and set up again. Do not load the old EEPROM, reperform calibration and only load profiles.

    If that does not help, quite possible broken/badly performing IMU, I have seen some.
  • BTW, make sure you are using same GUI version than FW.
  • Thank you, I already reset the IMU several times, not the EEPROM. Will try that and post my results.
    One further note: When I reset the accel calibration (not the eeprom) the values are quite far off for one axis before calibration.

    I also bought an new IMU for testing. Unfortunately I had a lot of I2C errors with that one, just remembered to set i2c speed to low and try that IMU again...

    I´m, just a little upset. Took me some effort to do the temperature calibration for the whole setup two times already.
  • I would dry a different IMU.