Using ball bearings on frame joints to take stress off motor axle: yay or nay?
  • Hi there, newbie here conducting research for my future DIY brushless gimbal.

    I have noticed through my searching that a lot of gimbal frames use the motor axle as the pivot point on each axis. Obviously it seems to work, but I'm concerned about stress on these joints after months to years of use; not to mention increased friction. But it must be said that I have no hands-on experience with brushless gimbals.

    What are thoughts by those with experience: using ball bearings built into frame to aid in supporting the weight of the camera. My thought process is that this will allow for a slight increase in torque from the motor as less energy will need to be expended to initiate motion. In other words, when the motors are at "rest," the bulk of the downward force (weight of camera "stuff") will be supported structurally by the frame instead of the motor axle.
  • Most gimbals are using additional bearings, and it is much advised.