YAW Axis Shaking
  • Hello,

    so i found this Forum for Basecam Bruhsless Controller and i used the 32Bits Boards since 1 Year.
    All the Time i have setup with two Axis and all was fine.

    So now i test new System with the third Axis YAW. And the Problems are comming.. i'm an electronic engineer and have assembled all true together and i'm sure all is correct.. i test since 1 Week and have one big Problem:

    When i move the Camera down at 45-60 Degree the YAW-Axis is vibrating... on all other directions also on Camera UP 90 Degree all is fine.
    Only Camera in the importent Directions 45-60 Degree down the YAW-Axis is vibrating.

    What i had do:

    1. Calibrate all Sensors 6 Point, i have one above YAW
    2. Set the Camera absolutely in the middle of each Axis.. i can roll or Pitch in each direction and it will stand there.
    3. I have used Auto-PID-Tuning for each Axis
    4. I have used manually PID-Tuning
    5. Set Motor Power in different Values and start with Point 3
    6. Change Motor of YAW-Axis to different kind.
    7. Used Filters to eliminate Vibration of YAW-Axis
    8. Read the manual more than one time and check point for point... all seems correct.
    9. Change electronics and IMUs, flash new firmware and reset to factory defaults and beginns from the start of the manual again

    BTW... On the Firmware 2.56 b7 the Gyro Calibration at startup is to short.. if i put on Battery the Gimbal is little shaking and the Calibration is bad. On the old Firmware 2.50 b3 the time is longer and Calibration is better. Then on the new Firmware.. when i press write on the Tool it looks like the make an new calibration each pressing write??? So i have for testing deactivated Gyro-Calib at Start-Up and then i can press write without the Problem of new Gyro Calibration.

    10. Check all Mechanics and don't find an problem...

    So hope somebody have any Ideas what happen with the YAW-Axis?

    Youtube Video:



  • Upload a video to Youtube etc and link here.

    point 2 is wrong. no need to have the camera physically in middle, just the balance, and you must be able to put also yaw to any position and it to stay in there.

    It is possible you have faulty or too weak yaw motor, but sounds it is more a mechanical/tuning problem.
  • Ah...

    Yes i mean the Camera-Heavy Point in the middle.. yes the same meaning with in Balance....
    YAW-Motor is okay.. have test three different models and all have the same problem.


  • If you remove the landing gear, it probably will work just ok.

    To make it work with landing gear, try setting yaw LPF 80 and tune it It will require high D, if 255 is not enough add gain under advance.

    But to get great performance, you need to rethink the landing gear and above yaw installation also.

    Also just making sure, you have frame IMU also? It is better to have. and you need to tune the gimbal on the position it vibrates.

    Use latest Beta FW.
  • Hi,

    without landing Gear is the same behaviour. And yes i have an Frame IMU above YAW.
    Wiht Auto PID it reached not so high values on D... so i'm not sure that the solution..
    The Gimbal work fine in all other Directions.. also Camera goes UP.

    What schould i change on the YAW-Mechanic... is very simple only an motor... ???

    Have 2.56 B7 installed
  • If is set LPF 80 then i can not move YAW with RC... ??
  • Something is wrong.. if i deactivate Motor Output for Roll, then i can not use RC Input for YAW and for ROLL. So for Roll is clear... but PITCH work fine and YAW not?

    Other behaviour, if i set LPF Filter on YAW.. the same.. can not use RC Input for YAW.
    It seems like an Software Bug in the new Release?
  • There is nothing simple on gimbals :) Above yaw installation has a lot to do how the gimbal works.

    With Yaw LPF I meant the filtering, not RC LPF.

    You have too many things going on, do not disable any axis, take the landing gear away, update latest beta FW, disable frame IMU, make sure basic setup is ok, Auto tune, set it on vibrating position, Auto tune one axis at the time, no LPF tricks needed.

    If this does not work, make sure your motors are ok, if it does work, then add landing gear back, if it still works, great, if not try the LPF trick. Add frame IMU, I would suggest setting the frame IMU below yaw.

    Make sure you are always using the same FW and GUI version.

    Sometimes it is best start over. changing FW versions etc. it could be that something is corrupted on EEPROM. Save profiles and EEPROM, erase EEPROM and set everything up from the start.

    One more advice. skip the calibration at startup, calibrate it manually. You only need to redo the gyro calibration when temperature changes a lot.

  • Hi Garug,

    thanks for your help.

    So with two Axis i worked since one year... all is fine. This is the only problem on the third Axis.
    I have do many things.. yes.. because i have all do... your points also...

    One point the corrupted Eeprom-Data... i have many trouble on this for about few months.. so after some flashing i reset it everytime. Beginning from the start have i do the last 7 Days 15times... with different Software-Versions.

    Second LPF on YAW is buggy... then after set enable... i can not move YAW by RC.
    Some other Bugs i have found so think there is not correct..
    Independend from my problem, if i deactivate ROLL-Motor Output then also RC Input from YAW and ROLL is off.

    Okay back to topic...

    Motor all okay. Test different Motors on YAW. Last one an iPower 28P

    The landing Gear take about 50g with or without the 50g CFK-5mm Gears.. the problem is the same.
    It looks like it goes better if i cool down the Motor-Driver.. they will go very hot i mean.
    So if the driver cold... it vibrates only an little bit. I drive with 5S LiIon... so i will go down to 4S and compare the behaviour.

    The Gyro-Calibrating behaviour goes also wrong when i use stored values. After each power-On the Axis drifting. So i have do Gyro-Calibrating at each time at Start-Up to prevent drifting.

    Eventually is that the same problem... if goes the motor-driver hot... then beginns drifting...!?!?
    Hmmm.. if the Motordriver goes hot then also the pcb goes warm up and on pcb there is also an IMU...

    In the manual there is the point that above YAW is better for Frame-IMU than below YAW? So i have build it Above YAW.

  • The landing gear weight is not the problem, it is the size and shape, and not being solid enough.

    If your board is getting hot, that is the problem you need to fix. Maybe something broken.

    I have no problems using LPF and RC control, so that is something strange too.

    If your IMU does not maintain the calibration, that is also a problem that needs to be fixed. Is the IMU near motor etc so that it warms up during use?

    If there is a frame IMU on your board, it needs to be disabled if you want to use external Frame IMU.

    Just disconnect the external frame IMU and disable the frame IMU from GUI. Once it works like that, then connect it correctly, i.e. notice IMU addressing, there can not be 3 IMUs connected, Both IMUs are correctly configured, installed well on solid spot.

    You will have better success if you start with the bare minimum and then add the more complicated things when it is working.