Z1 Rider 2, is it possible to modify?
  • I purchased one of these from BHPhoto when they were on sale, great little gopro gimbal that works right out of the box, I can see using it for canoeing, biking etc. and it being very versatile with it's gopro and tripod mount options.

    However, having the gopro mount makes it also very versatile for mounting on my aerial platforms, in particular my plane. My plane is big enough I can easily accommodate the hand held unit somewhere with some velcro. The only thing is is that it has no follow mode on the roll axis, which is what I'd like for video. There is follow mode on the pan (yaw) and pitch, the pan follow I'll use, but if possible I'd like to replace the pitch follow, which I won't use because I like to keep the horizon straight, with roll follow, to give gentle banking video shots when the plane banks.

    Would it be possible to hack the firmware and/or change something in the electronics to accomplish this? If the firmware can be modified would it be possible to modify it so the unit can be used inverted or upside down? (currently it can't)

    Also, while I can accommodate the hand held control on my plane, would it be possible to rewire it so it could be operated from my transmitter? While this is not a big deal right now, it would be nice to have the pitch control the hand held unit has from my transmitter for some straight down shots when taking still pictures.

    Thanks in advance.
  • ps. forgot to start post with I'm not sure if this is the right board for this question or not - if not please let me know, and if anyone knows of a board or resource that would help me I'd appreciate it.