• I have a 7500 gimbal and it won't calibrate correctly. It's very similar to the problem in the videos on this discussion http://forum.basecamelectronics.com/index.php?p=/discussion/1129

    I've tried everything. I've done the step by step on the manual so so so so many times. I've tried the manual pid calibration as suggested in the manual. Whenever I plug my gimbal in it still never stays steady. It doesn't jitter and sway as violently anymore but it still never stays in a single place.

    Please help!! What can I do??? I live in Seattle WA, where can I bring it???? Who can I talk to??? Really anything info would be appreciated.
  • IMU could be broken, Motor could be broken, there could be mechanical problems, sometimes board memory could get somehow corrupted and Erase EEPROM is needed. Impossible to tell by your description what is your problem.

    Most likely it is basic setup problem. The basic setup requires careful following the procedure, not making any assumptions or shortcuts, and not assuming it will work before completely completed.

    This could help http://www.levitezer.com/styled-2/blog-2/index.html
  • So how do I pin point exactly what is wrong with my gimbal?
  • If you buy Chinese gimbal , that is the main problem.
  • Thanks, you're so helpful.