Help me alex mos 32 bit
  • I have problems with alex mos 3 axis brushless gimbal self made on 3d printer with all in one(rc reciever,video transmiter,all motors are with slip ring(may be they cause the problem)) Everything is powered with 6s battery(i use 12v stabilised DC to power the camera) I use a ferite ring for the I2C and the motors. Here is the video with the problem. I try with 3 different firmware the lastest i install i v2.56.b9 board version 3.0
  • 6S is a lot of voltage, not all controllers can take that. also long cables can cause problems (voltage spikes when connecting) that however is likely not your problem.

    Is the system free of I2C errors, it must be.

    Over all it looks like you have something seriously wrong with your basic setup.

    Also when testing do not activate follow mode. Activate follow mode when everything is working.

  • I2C have no errors in GUI. this is the 3rth alex mos that i run on 6s battery with no problem.
  • After some tests i think that the slip rings are small and the cables are very thin for the current that must goes to the motors.This i my first setup with slip ring and I allready hate them :)
  • I never use slip rings. Why to use them?
  • because with slip rings gimbal can be rotater in 360 degrees with no worry for cables
  • There is always trade offs as you have noted. I rather worry about cables (no worry really if they are well build) than slip rings (slip rings will always sooner or later have problems, they wear on use.)
  • i will try with big slip rings and a bigger motor on yaw.