What is wrong with my Pilotfly H2?
  • Hi,

    I just got a Pilotfly H2 and I have some problems with it.
    I have balanced my Sony a7s and 16-35 on it, but when I turned it on I god severe vibration. So I tried to do an auto adjust of the PID in the gui and this gave me a warning "emergency stop: sub-code 5" and it moves like crazy on all five presets. You can see in this video:

    Do you have an idea? I have very little experience with simplebgc and all the hundreds of settings in the gui is way above my head.
    If this is a settings thing, does anyone have any presets for this setup?

  • Ok, the whole crazy movement in the start was due to a motor not being inverted in the settings.
    I do however still get vibrations in the pitch motor. It has become better with some tuning, but it still comes randomly every now and then.
  • Remove adaptive PID tuning and do better PID tuning. Would be good to verify the complete setup. If there is any problems on the basic setup, you will not have anything but problems.

    Maybe saving all your settings (save profiles and EEPROM) and trying latest beta FW. It is working pretty good and has much improved PID tuning.

    Always use same version of FW and user interface
  • Thanks for the reply!

    It was shipped with 2.59b1 and I upgraded to the current 2.59b3.

    I have tried using these settings for a similar setup(I have the slightly lighter a7s instead of a7sII).

    I have also tried randomly tweaking these settings and I have run auto setup of the pid values. I have not been able to run the pitch motor without vibrations, but have been able to tame it with adaptive pid for pitch and with notch filters. I can run the roll and yaw without notch filters and adaptive PID no problems.
    Is a perfectly tuned gimbal supposed to be able to run without adaptive pid and filters?
    How do I go about finding the correct values? Just trial and error?

    Sorry if these are obvious questions, but I'm brand new in this game...

  • Maybe this will provide some help, just started doing these videos.


    Remove the adaptive tuning and filters, do the basic setup according users manual and start from there.

    But before you do save EEPROM and profiles. That way you can go back if needed.