hand held 3-axis low-down rig
  • I film R/C cars a fair bit and the low down hand held stuff and seeing Alex's latest 3-axis video - well, that's exactly what I want to build. Ideally a pan axis that just smooths out jerky motion. I use GH3 and GH2 mostly for filming, with some light and some fairly heavy lenses. Where the heck would I start on this?
    I'm sure I can design a frame of some sort but I've no idea about motors and what size would be needed or indeed the 3-axis control.

    I don't have crazy money to buy a pro solution, I do it for fun so I need to make it myself :)

    Sorry if these questions are too simple, I am new to all this.
  • hey Jimmy have you got the solution yet. because i am also the same guy like you and want to make 3axis or 2axis gimbals for my hexacopter... let me know if you have got to anything!
  • How much is crazy money?
    What would you pay for a ready made solution?
  • lol--how much would you charge for a ready-made solution?