Gimbal builders who want to get some work?
  • Hi , I am looking for a person who can take on building hi-end gimbals for me.
    Hi-end for me is a very very well working gimbal that is easy to maintain.
    It have to be able to control a GH4 as well as a 5kg cinema rig.
    It is for a production UAV.
    Feel free to send me a mail what you have in mind for me.
    Best regards / Hakan
  • I would build two gimbal is one for the GH4, other for the 5kg rig. A gimbal + landing gear for 5 kg rig will weight several kilos. you will need a big multicopter or have very short flight time. The gimbal/multicopter for the 5 kg rig can of-course handle the GH4...

    I am building gimbals and multicopters, but looking more into GH4 and smaller cameras.

  • I do build heavy lifters, IE: 15kg max payload. She can fly 14min with 5kg payload
    Why I wanted the span is due to the need of range and less equipment in field.
    Is this something you are willing to look in to?
    I need maximum stability.
    What do you have to offer?
  • The gimbal needs to be solid for good stability. That usually is heavy. Compact gimbal helps a lot, but compact gimbal is limited to certain camera/lens setups. Stability is not only gimbal, but much also vibration dampening and gimbal, vibration dampening and multicopter tuned to work well together.

    If it is for high wind speeds, it is even more important that the gimbal is solid and compact and has some aerodynamical consideration.

    I do make custom builds for specific needs. Biggest gimbal is for + 10 kg camera + lens for vehicle installations. Such gimbal that you are describing I would build with encoders.

    You can find me at http://www.levitezer.com (contact)