YAW Problem when tilting forward/backward
  • Hi,
    I got some problems in tuning my gimbal on YAW axis.
    YAW is stable when turning the handle slowly.
    But when I tilt the handle more than 10° forward or backwards its starts shaking.
    Even in very fast movements its missing steps

    problem can be seen in this video:

    I made auto calibration a few times. nothing helped.
    YAW PID settings are: P 145, I 0.11, D 73, Power 210, + 60, NUM.Poles 22

    Any suggestions?

    Edit: I fixed the problem by myself. Maybe this can help someone.

    The first time I calibrated the gimbal I sat it upside down on an tripod.
    Therefor I fliped the framesensor position settings.
    After calibration I mounted the gimbal with handle on top but forgot to flip the sensor position settings.
    Now its stable on all axis.
  • Hello,
    Please, make a video where you tilt gimbal in one of sides to 90 degrees (with disabled motors).
    Thank you.