Problems Pixy Cam control of DYS 3 Axis gimbal
  • Hi,

    I'm using a pixy cam to track a target and using the pwm output from this to control a dys 3 axis gimbal. This works well for the pitch axis and succesfully tracks but for the pan axis the gimbal moves in the opposite direction, effectively i need to invert the pwm signal going to the gimbal. Apologies if i'm missing something simple but I cant see what im doing wrong.

  • Hi,

    Just set "Invert" checkbox in the GUI, "RC" tab for a pan axis. If it's 8bit controller, set Min angle greater than Max angle to invert control.

    It will be interesting if you share information about your system and how good is the Pixy with the brushless gimbal.
  • Hey Matt;
    From one Matt to another...Just reverse the values in Pixymon Config for the Pan Axis! To reverse my panning I made both values -350 and -500 (servo pan/tilt). Fine tune your range and speed from there. Link to proper description: http://cmucam.org/projects/cmucam5/wiki/Pantilt_Demo_Pane

    Also, I need to make Pixy control my Walkera G3D or 3DR Solo Gimbal. Can you help me on that?