Identification of Frame IMU and Camera IMU
  • I purchased a BGC 32 bit controller that has two IMUs. The controller is legit ( I think ... and hope :-)). Here's the ebay link to the picture:
    It has a case. Each IMU has it's own case, cable and connector. The main board has a connector for each IMU. Is there a specific conector location of the Frame and Camera IMU? Can I use them anyway I want and then, identify them in the GUI and swap them if needed?

    I'm asking this because I noticed that if I use only one IMU, things work. If I use both, I get I2C errors... Thanks,

  • If you use only one IMU disconnect the other, nothing else needed.
  • Yes, I got that. What if I want to use both of them? Thanks,

  • Look the address, or select IMU you want to calibrate and go to calibration an make sure moving that IMu moves the values. or use the auto IMU direction setting. If needed swap IMUs on GUI.

    You must get rid of the I2C errors.