8bit 2axis+3rd extension board Strange Lag Problem
  • Hi all. I am writing here because i am hopeless about issue that is happening with my 8bit controler board (Main Board) and i am unable to solve it...
    The issue is like the title say The Strange Lag that render the gimbal uselles...
    The problem starts few days ago, as the gimbal suddenly durring recording in foggy enviroment stops responding, act like it was turned OFF giving only the low buzzing noise from all motors...
    I try to re-calibrate, set the defaults but with no success.... So i update the firmware to latest 2.40b8 with no problems but the issue still occurs...
    Now without motors pluged in only with Sensor board, the main board yellow led flashes but every 3-4 seconds Lags (long flash) for 1sec and do this in infinite loop.
    So i plugged the board to the USB and the 2.40b8 GUI shows that motors On/Off button flash durring the Lag and the sensor readings ,battery bar goes OFF durring the lag and back ON after. (infinite loop)
    Does the main board have something like Forced Reset? Or is there some power issue? Humidity damage?
    Thank you in advance

    The Board is: "AlexMos BGC 3.3 MOS 2 Axis Brushless Gimbal Controller V2.4B7 with 3rd Axis Extension Board" (With big BaseCAM tittle on back)
    Writen features:
    - Adopts MOS tube drive, with larger current
    - With 1A DC-DC LDO module
    - Support 2-4S battery, 7.4V~14.8V
    - Peak current 10A
    - With Mini USB/IIC interface
    - Built-in buzzer, voltage detection available
    - Support bluetooth parameter setting by phone
    - Preload the latest firmare V2.4B7, and official firmware could be upgrade
    - With 3rd extension module, for YAW axis extension, could control 3 axis brushless gimbal gimbal
    - Support 2208-5208 brushless motors
    I am currently using the 3x 2208 80KV Gimbal Brushless Motors
  • I managed to record the Video that show the Lag of this Gimbal Controller, even with original shipped 2.40b7 firmware.
    Video link: https://youtu.be/rDuCZTYQnLw