32bi board problem with changing parameters
  • hello,
    i have the offical 32 bit board which i bought from rctimer.
    i have used it for a few times and today i started to tune my gimbal(rctimer asp 3 axis gimbal) at some point i have lost communication to the board and when i tried to reconnect it i was able to do that but all PID ares and the motor configration table(power, poll number etc) where like grey and i was unable to change them whatsoever.
    i have never encoutered this problem and would really appreciate if you can point me to what went wrong.
    at the moment i am unable to change any pid nor the motor power and some other featers.
    also when i connect the battery to the board(3s) the board is light up with solid green and red light and emmit sound but nuthing else is coming alive and the motors are dead.
    one more thing to mention is that when i am connected to the computer software i am getting the readings from the sensors and they are both working.
    please help fuggure out this matter i am really lost right now.
    i will attache photos if needed of the gui, just ask me to if needed.
    hope to here from you soon.
    best regards,
  • So if I understood, you get connection ok and can operate the GUI, but sometimes the connection is lost?

    Sounds like a bad USB cable.

    Or is connection ok, but some parts of the GUI greyed out? You must activate the axis on advance tab. also remember use same version of GUI than FW.