Setting up new kit. Can't get both sensors to calibrate
  • I have all sorts of issues here. And thanks in advance for your help!

    First off, I need to calibrate both sensors of my newly purchased 32bit kit. I'm not sure if the sensors are wired correctly. This board is new to me, and having only one i2c spot is confusing. I figured out that they sent a splitter, essentially. 2 in 1 out. So i wired the sensors through that and into my board. SimpleBGC is super confused when both sensors are plugged in, so I attempted to calibrate them by only having one sensor plugged in while calibrating. I calibrated the camera sensor just fine, but I can't get SimpleBCG to select Frame IMU... like I hit the button and it doesn't stick. I've tried this with both sensors plugged in to no avail...

    Any suggestions out there? Thanks so much!
  • See the users manual. You need to change the address of the frame IMU.