AUX connection on SimpleBGC 32-bit Tiny
  • The SimpleBGC 32-bit Tiny board connection pdf has the AUX labeling reveresed. From up to down it is written as AUX 3 2 1, but is 1 2 3.
    I have confirmed it by measuring the pin connections from the header to the micro controller and compared it to the regular 32bit board.
    It came out after I tried to connect SPI encoders to the board, and the Roll was not working, on the regular big board they worked, after measuring with an oscilloscope then the chip select signal was not on the (referencing from the pdf) aux 1 but on the aux 3 pin.

    I have tried to tell this also through the support email, but I do not know if or why Andrew is not considering or maybe not reading my mails completely through.