Pitch does not level while flying frontwards
  • Hi,
    hopefully you can help me, at least with a hint.
    I'm using a simpleBGC 32-bit with 2.50b3. After many flights and PID testings, the gimbal is pretty stable(with A6000).
    But when flying frontwards pitch does not level to zero anymore - the camera moves to the ground and stops at a certain point (approximately above the horizon). Once I stop flying frontwards the pitch starts leveling to zero and is fully leveled while hovering.
    What's wrong ?
    Thanks for any hint.
  • some additional info: checked that no RC channel is influencing pitch. But issue is still there.
    Nobody has an idea ?
  • Have you connected it to flight controller?
  • no connection to flight controller.
    Dry tests on the ground (connected to a pc) do not show this behavior. So its only during flight.
  • You are not giving much information. How fast are you flying, what kind of gimbal, how strong, how is it located? is it possibly the wind pushing the camera out of the position.

    Speed it self will not affect the controller. Acceleration will, so when you are accelerating, there can be pitch/roll variations, but those variations are smooth, couple of degrees at most. What type of deviation do you get?
  • Hi Garug. thanks for your help.
    my answers:
    How fast are you flying: issue happens at all speeds, but most of the time I'm flying very slow
    what kind of gimbal: 3-Axis
    how strong: not sure what especially want to know, but construction is rigid (carbon)
    how is it located: in mid position below the main plate of the copter (octo-x)
    is it possibly the wind pushing the camera out of the position: no , I'm using very strong PIDs, keeping the gimbal leveled very well, with exception of the described issue
    What type of deviation do you get?: I have no exact figures, but it is not only 1 or 2 degrees.
    It's mt than 10 degrees.
    Just to complete the picture - the gimbal was working fine at the very beginning. I changed PIDs (moderate), but also upgraded the software version. Somewhere in between I detected the issue. To ensure it does not relates to the software upgrade, I downgraded to 2.50b3.
    But could the downgrade be an issue ?
  • You should always use the same version of GUI as FW, if you save EEPROM and profiles this way, you can always go back to previous, if needed . If you use different FW and GUI, there could be problems.

    Something has gone wrong.

    The symptom you explain is not logical. slow speed or now speed should not make any difference, there is nothing on the gimbal that detects the speed. High speed it could be aerodynamical forces. Accelerations would not deviate 10 degrees unless something is badly wrong adjusted.

    The only advice I can give is to inspect carefully your system, well balanced, IMUs well on place, no binding on motors etc., make sure on GUI that if nothing is connected on RC or FC inputs, they are also selected nothing connected.

    Make sure your gyro trust have not changed, refer to users manual for values to use.

    If this does not help, save profiles and EEPROM, take screenshot of your PID and settings, Erase EEPROM and set up the gimbal carefully again. I would recommend using newer FW.
  • thanks Garug. Fully agree with you, it sounds (and is) not really logical. Therefore I posted it here, maybe someone has hit the same in the past.
    Whatsoever I installed now the newest FW and will give it another try once rain and storm has gone.
    Will update then once more. Already now, I'd like to thank you for the time you spent for my prob.