Auto Tune PID? Motor pole Auto detect?
  • Trying PID auto tune, fresh calibration, balanced, etc. Like a very other time I tried this auto function, it twitches and jerks for a while then stops, but ends up with gimbal canted to one side twitching/vibrating.

    Does it work, or does it not work?

    Same thing happens with motor pole auto detect. It never finishes, and just sits there vibrating after a while. As I recall this gimbal came pre-set up set to 14 pole on all motors, but I wanted to confirm. These are fully encased motors, so I cannot see poles.

  • When attuning hold the gimbal at hand, and use good stability seeing to start with. After the gimbal is somehow working autotune one axis at time.

    Motor auto is must for detecting inverted status, but often not very accurate on detecting poles, poles must be entered manually. I would trust the motor specifications.

    After attuning or anything else, the gimbal should not end canted.
  • OK .. .have contacted builder for pole count confirmation.

    Gimbal is "almost" to good initial stability.... will save and try autotune PID again soon.