Pitch Drift
  • Hi!
    I'm having troubles with my new gimbal. My Pitch axis is drifting after init. It's going to a perfect 0 but immediately starting to drift and doesn't stop (about 10 degrees/min). It's a custom made Gimbal with 32bit board and 2.50beta6 (latest). P=141 I=0.06 D=104. I didn't do temp calibration but all 6 axis are calibrated on both IMUs.
    I tried to recalibrate my Camera IMU but didn't have any luck with this. Still drifting. No I2C Errors and Cycle time is between 800 and 802.
    Any suggestions?
  • Joystick calibration and deadpand.
  • That's it! Garug, your the best! Did spend the whole evening looking for a reason but didn't think of the joystick!