RC control for Tiny Pro
  • Hi,

    I've rigged up a gimbal with a 32bit Tiny Pro controller like this one - https://aerialpixels.com/alexmos-tiny-pro-32-bit-brushless-gimbal-controller/

    I've connected a pwm cable from my controller to move pitch but nothing is happening. I managed to google that L1 needs to be soldered to activate the pins but thats for the fullsize board? I can't seem to find an L1 bridge to solder on the Tiny Pro.

    Any ideas how to proceed? I'd like to get control over yaw and pitch from my remote.
  • Did you find the solution to this?
  • Further to this issue for anyone that encounters it in future: Hiding in the encoders manual is this little nugget of info:

    RC_ROLL input in this version of firmware is occupied by SPI bus, so its special meaning (Sum-PPM, S-bus, Spektrum) is moved to AUX3."

    So I'll switch my sbus to aux3 and see that happens.
  • It should work just fine.
  • I was not able to get the gimbal to respond on RC-ROLL on my tiny pro. Changing to the Aux3 input whilst keeping 'RC-ROLL - Futaba SBUS' in the GUI made the gimbal start responding immediately. You still have to specify your virtual channels of course.