Follow mode yaw vibration mystery
  • I have two identical set ups (banks if you want) which I can toggle between with the mode button on the board. The only difference is the pitch axis mode. One bank has Speed and the other has Angle. Other than that just minor difference in Follow mode where Speed has a bit more Expo. The Angle Mode works fine. When I switch to the Speed Mode, I get serious vibration in Yaw motor. What could be causing it??
  • Try changing the speed RC mode to angle mode on the current speed mode profile to ensure it is actually this that is causing the problem. Angle or speed RC mode, it should not cause that kind of problem.

    On speed mode make sure though your joystick is centered and calibrated with enough deadband.

    I would suggest saving the working profile and loading it on top of the current angle profile and then changing the RC mode to Speed.
  • That is exactly what I have done. Coppied the Angle to Speed and than just changed it to Speed and changed expo in the Follow mode. It is strange. I will check everything again when back home...