Yaw/follow mode misbehaviour driving me crazy!
  • Hello, new to the forum, looks like there's some great support here! I've spent many hours trying to solve this problem on my gimbal, I'm totally at my wits' end and about to toss this gimbal out. It's a DYS Marcia 3-axis GoPro gimbal on a Tarot 680 Hex. I strongly suspect the gimbal is a piece of junk, but if anyone has any ideas before I give up on it, I'd love to hear.

    The aircraft itself is very low vibration, I've taken a lot of care to balance the motors and props. The gimbal took many hours to get calibrated and to get a reasonable tune going, but even still there's work to do. I can handle that.

    I have follow mode enabled for yaw, and generally it works great; what's driving me mad is that from day one the gimbal would randomly leave follow mode, rotate about 90 degrees off its center position, and park itself there. If/when follow mode re-establishes, it performs as normal, dampening yaw oscillations and following the craft, but at 90 degrees' offset. Commanding yaw from the radio doesn't put it back to center, my only option is to land it and restart the gimbal. I've spent many hours trying every setting I can think of in Basecam, including removing yaw commands from my radio, but nothing makes any difference at all.

    I've uploaded a short clip to summarise what's happening. Sometimes there is a shuddering in the gimbal roll axis before/after the uncommanded yaw, sometimes not. Note that in the first episode I have yawed the craft, the gimbal has stayed beautifully stable, but follow mode has failed, so the camera is now facing the landing gear leg.


    PS I intend to move the gimbal further outboard to prevent so much view of arms/landing gear in shot, and I usually use Medium or Narrow field on my GoPro. Keeping it inboard actually helps me in analysing the problem because it gives me reference points re which way the gimbal is facing.
  • What FW do you have? Looks like it does not return well back to operation after disturbance. If possible apply more power for the yaw (but do not over heat motor.) Also adjust PID so that it returns back to operation nicely.

    Maybe follow settings need adjusting too, try lower follow speed.