auto motor configuration doesn't seem to work
  • The gimbal beeps and moves but the numbers on the gui never change and my yaw won't follow
  • You need to describe the problem in more detail, and it sounds like you need to read the users manual carefully and set up the gimbal correctly.
  • Everything seems to be working now except the yaw. I have read the manual a few times now.
  • Why does it beep? How does yaw not work? no power at all?
  • The Yaw motor reacts to the gui but it won't follow the movements , the pitch and roll follow work just fine it's the yaw that won't react , I've tried everything and idk why it won't move , I know that everything is connected exactly as it should be but still no follow. I have a shoot tomorrow and Sunday so that's why this is urgent. Any ideas ? All help is greatly appreciated ! I just need this to work asap.
  • can you post the video of the iusse or the screenshot of the gui in mode follow ?