YAW keeps on spinning
  • Hi,
    I had no problem with my Yaw for a while, but then I had to make a twitch on my gimbal and now the Yaw keeps on spinning.

    Actually the compass on the GUI is also spinning, so I guess there could be some magnetic interferences. The Yaw wires are very short and very close to the motor. I've recalibrated everything, but the problem remains.

    Could it be I remounted the motor with a very slight twitch? (I don't see any, however)
  • If you have not compass (the normal sensor has no compass) and no I2C errors, magnetism has nothing to do with it. If you have I2C errors you need to fix that.

    See RC tab and set all RC setting to not connected and perform gyro calibration. See users manual how to perform it correctly.
  • Hi guys,
    I was so disappointed about this problem I didn't touched my rig for a year!
    I'll give it a week, and if I don't solve this, I guess I'll dump everything.

    So. Problem remains. You can check this video I made this morning to illustrate the issue: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-4P8Whg5K6-dW5QS2U1WmEwXzg

    I got no I2c errors. Everything seems to be fine (the compass in the GUI does not spin anymore, however). I got no RC connected, so everything is set to default. I checked the motor, it's right on it's axis. I tweeked it a bit, but that didn't change anything.

    A year ago it was working fine , then I did some soldering on the roll motor and I think it was a bit later that the rig stopped working. The Roll axis works fine though...

    Any ideas?
  • That looks like reduction gear system on yaw? that will affect motor poles.
  • Do you mean the big wheel? That's the way the rig is designed, it's an Indirect Drive. Roll and Tilt work the same way. Plus Yaw was working, and then stopped working. The problem doesn't have anything to do with the design, imho.
    I'm still in the dark...
  • For pretty sure it has. That introduces many potential failure points.

    It could be your settings, it could be broken motor or board, or the indirect drive system.

    Not possible to say without much more details of your problem.
  • Hi Garug,
    I've taken off the driving wheel, just to be certain the problem doesn't have anything to do with it. And just to be sure it had nothing to do with any electromagnetic field, I've expanded the wires and put them away from the motor. Well, the Yaw motor is still spinning on it's own.


    Then I guess there are only two causes left: a defective board or a defective motor. Or could there be any setting I've overlooked?

    To test the motor, I should switch it with the Roll motor for instance, but that will take tiiiime I don't really have...

    Let me know if you think of anything else.
  • I did something else also.
    I checked the realtime data from the GUI.
    Disabled the Roll and Tilt motors to picture the Yaw only.

    The Yaw Acc and Yaw Gyro both seem to react as they should. However the little blue arrow keeps on spinning on it's own even when I don't touch the rig. I've recalibrated Acc and Gyro, but the problem remains (I did a quick calibration, not the one with a box).

    Sorry about the fuzzy video, I was holding the rig in one hand and the camera in the other one:

  • It is normal that the yaw motor is spinning if it is not attached to anything. as the motor is spinning steady speed it is ok and in fact I think your complete system is ok.

    Have you been testing it on table yaw attached to nothing? In that case you must hang the gimbal from the yaw and it will be fine.
  • Arh!!!
    This thing drives me crazy!

    I believe you might be right. I thought there was a problem because when I lifted the rig it all started to jitter a lot as if it was fighting really hard to point straight forward. But then I increased P and D and it seemed to be working all right. But it's still strange though because this was not happening before. My settings were perfecly working on my rig, and then one day, this happened but I did not touch those settings...

    But now, I got another problem!

    This morning, I switched Roll and Yaw motors to be sure the problem didn't came from the Yaw motor.
    Yaw seems to be working fine now (it's still spinning when I put it on a table, but now I know that's not a problem).

    But now, Roll motor seems to be dead! I don't get much resistance out of it regardless how much I raise Power, P and D. When I touch it I can feel it's working a little bit, but not hard enough. And it is humming when I increase power. I've raised it all the way up to 250, but I still don't get any power out of it.
    Could it be I fried it? I reversed the wiring, but that shouldn't affect it, should it?
  • The reversing motor wires will require setting motor inverted again on GUI. always use the auto, and the gimbal must be hanging so that it can operate normally, also yaw.
  • All right!

    I think I'm getting somewhere!

    I feel like a fool about the Roll Motor. Actually, I just forgot to tighten the screws on the shaft. Now it works as a charm.

    I still have some doubts about Yaw, because when I lift it, it works fine for a short period and then it starts jittering and spinning. But I might overcome that when I'm done tweaking with the settings.

    I'll do some more tweakings tomorrow and I'll let you know...

    Thanks for your help so far!
  • Fix the yaw installation as it will be set up on the final use, it needs good support for the gimbal to work well.