DYS-FUNN with over 3kg camera problem
  • Hello.
    I have some problem with my Gimbal. I just buy a DYS-FUNN (4x GM80-90T/1x 32bit Basecam Alexmos Controller Board FW 2.42b7)
    I use a Blackmagic 4K camera on it with Cine Lens so around 3,5KG.
    First I balance the Gimbal but I couldnt balance the YAW. I don't really know how to explain but check the video. If it's not balance normally it should go up or down. But it just stay leveled.
    PITCH and ROLL :

    YAW :

    Any idea to balance the YAW??? :/

    I try using the default settings and PID are really low
    8 - 0,07 - 13
    6 - 0,06 - 12
    10 - 0,07 - 18

    When I try to increase PID there is lots of vibration. Autotune doesnt work.
    And with this new settings when I tilt really low or really high PITCH vibrate(HF) a lot and ROLL vibrate too(LF)

    Here is a video with the default values :

    Thank you for your help.
  • Pitch and Roll balance looks ok. The yaw balance is probably because the yaw axis is not very solid, so it bends under the load. based on you video the yaw could still be ok when holding normally.

    If you move the handle some +-20 degrees roll from normal position, unpowered, does the yaw stay about in place? if it does, it is ok.

    The matte box is a problem. remove it and you will get much higher PID and better operating gimbal. (you need to rebalance of course. ) Try it back on after the gimbal is working, if you absolutely must have it.

    Do not force the yaw with hand. What is the alarm? you have some basic problem on the setup. Impossible to say from the video what. You must do carefully the basic setup according the users manual. Also PID tuning, you PID settings are very low and usually for that kind of gimbal P is higher than D (but that is no rule, each gimbal is different)

    What board (8 or 32 bit) and what Firmware do you have?

    Ps. you should remove all loose mass, also the ring on top of the camera.

  • Hi. Thank you for your answer.
    I was thinking the same for the YAW. It bend a bit.
    I use the matte box for filter so yes could be good to keep it yes. But I will try without.
    Normaly this Gimbal should work up to 5Kg.
    I force the YAW to stop it because if I don't it just never stop turning....
    Don't worry about the alarm. It's because I stop the Gimbal power but the USB is still connected so the board is working without motor power. It just say low batterie.

    You mean user manual of the Gimbal or of the alexmos?
    There is no user manual for the Gimbal. They say it's plug and play....

    4x GM80-90T
    1x 32bit Basecam Alexmos Controller Board Firmware 2.42b7 (defaut firmware)

    And the little ring is normaly used to keep the SDI cable in place for external monitor.

    And after reading some post. Do you think Encoder for YAW could help? is possible to find just the encoder or I need to buy the complete motor?
  • The normal board should operate just fine, if it does not, encoders will not help and encoders need to be installed for all axis, it is possible, but difficult if you are not mechanically skilful and have necessary facilities. I do such updates.

    The alarm is alarming :) low battery power is not good. Your problem could be IMU or ACC calibration, maybe joystick or RC settings, maybe something else. There is many settings and they all need to be correct for the gimbal to work.

    The gimbal looks mechanically ok, so I think it will be good when you get it working right.

    Mate box is prone for vibrations and will require much lower PID. for that reason it is good to start without it, to get the gimbal working well.

    Basecam users manual, see the above bar on this page.

    Ps. I would update the firmware, but you may want to consult the gimbal provider first. Also save your profiles before you do. Note to use same version of firmware and GUI.
  • One note, you should connect the camera top to the top bar of the installation. It makes it almost certainly much better.

    And with gimbals, if you have problem on yaw performance, it does not mean the problem is on yaw. it could be anywhere, including yaw ;)
  • Ok thank you.
    The problem with IMU calibration is : I need to open all the arms to get IMU because it's inside. Bit difficult to do it...

    For the update I think it's not a problem. They just say in the small Gimbal manual : Don't do it if you are not expert. But we can still do it.

    Yes I know for the GUI version.

    I will check all and maybe erase EEprom? If I erase it the IMU calibration will be save in the profile setings?

    What do you mean by connecting the camera top to the top bar? You mean the cage?
  • With newer FW you can save EEPROM, but I think not with 2.42.

    The GUI version is well indicated when you download it and I think it was clearly also on the front page.

    You can do the IMU calibration also on place.

    Note IMU calibration includes ACC and Gyro calibration. Normally it is enough to do once the ACC calibration. Gyro calibration needs to be performed more often, when temperature changes etc. and normally it is done at each startup. i would disable the startup calibration and do it when needed. Gyro calibration is easy, just leave the gimbal on steady platform and perform it. It is absolutely important that the gimbal does not move during it.

    I would do erasing EEPROM, but then you really need to read carefully the users manual and perform very carefully the setup. It will take time and patience, but at the end you know your gimbal.

    Ps. It would be good to take screen shots of the current settings. Do not rely on them when setting the gimbal up again, but confirm that they are not different. It is better not to use the old saved profiles with new FW as your current FW is very old.

  • Ok. I didnt find any EEPROM save..

    Don't worry about the GUI. I understand and I already download the new one.

    So for the IMU you mean simple calibration and not 6 points?

    Ok cool. I already read all the manual.

    What do you think about "Gyro dead band" and "Gyro high sensitivity" option?
    They say it's for heavy setup. Is it good to use it?

    And what about the filter. For exemple when tilt the camera down it start vibrating. Do you think I can remove this with the notch filter?

    For the moment Im just asking some question and cant really test it. Im not in front of the Gimbal. Im out for job and will be back home at the end of the week.

    Thank you.
  • Gyro Dead band is useful if the gimbal has kind of floor noise, some big and strong gimbals have. High sensitivity if the PID values are very high on normal sensitivity.

    Filters are useful http://www.levitezer.com/styled-2/blog-2/files/archive-oct-2014.html

    It is possible to perform 6 point calibration just rotating the gimbal to needed positions and holding it on place. You can start with well performed 1 point calibration.
  • Ok I just upgrade the firmware and do all the setup again. Its now working and the PID are now a lot higher than before.
    And the second IMU default setup was just wrong so of course it was not working well.
    Now all is ok.
    I just need to tune it better because for the moment I m a new user so I m pretty sure I can do something better.

    And for windows I use the software TrueRTA to analyse the vibration and add some filters.

    Thank you for your help!
  • You are welcome and good you got it working good.
  • Just I little question. I try it but couldnt make it work.
    I would like to do a follow mode with also the ROLL follow to do like spaceship video style. Do you have any idea.
    I cant make it work. It just follow PITCH and YAW.
  • I have not tested it with newest FW, but have used it previously, no problem, just setting the follow as needed, and see the instructions for the start angles, also ensure Follow speeds etc.
  • hi everyone,
    i've a dys funn, it work with a sony 6500 with 18-105 lens, i think the weight are very symilar to the blackmagic camera, and i've a question, in the axes where are two motors the number of poles is it doubles?
    my follow is pretty ok , i send you my setup, have you any suggestion for me?
    i would like to improve the follow for the pitch

  • Number of poles does not double if you have two motors. The number of poles is per motor.

    BTW, your offset values look awfully high. Are those correct?

    Also, you have power at 200 and + at 150. The highest total the board will take is 255, so even with your current settings, it will act like it is using 200 for power and 55 for +. You should only use the actual power you need. Anything extra tends to cause vibration. I'm guess your tilt will need less power than the others because it is the inside motor.
  • hi im interested in buying this gimbal, do you guys think it can hndle an red with v mount or atleast the ursa mini pro?