Follow mode jumpy
  • I have only Follow on Yaw. Speed 170, Expo 80, Deadband 1. Installed on hexacopter. When I yaw the copter, the gimbal yaw motor is not following smoothly the movement of the aircraft but is kind of jumpy. How do I make it smooth?
  • Likely too much speed for the gimbal to handle.

    Does the gimbal work ok otherwise?
  • Yes,it works fine. I would have thought that it might be not enough speed. Speed, as I understand it, works almost like dumpening. The more speed the less the gimbal falls behind the airceaft. The more speed, the more closely the gimbal follows the aicraft's yaw movement. So, I thought that it falls behind too much and than tries to catch up by jumping. I might be wrong though in my understanding of it...
  • I think it's too much Speed, too little Deadband. You want enough Deadband in order to make the movement smooth enough and avoid unwanted yaw movements like there wasn't yaw axis at all. Speed only helps to make the movement faster, but too much will make the movement too fast and motor could lose steps.

    Try that and keep testing, experimenting and playing with the values. It's the only way. ;)

    Best regards.
  • Thanks. I've kept the deadband low because I thought that it assures the gimbal returning to its direct forward position matching the aircraft's forward point more accurately. With higher degree value, I thought it might be too loose in that regard. As for the speed and missing steps, I do not think the jumping movement is attributed to motor missing steps im my case. The jumpy movement happens at slow aircraft yawing too. I will keep experimenting, as you advised...