I Cannot connect my board to my mac... Tried so many different ways!!!! Please help
  • Ok so my mac does not see my BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit board.
    Usb does not work at all, there is no option to connect via usb when I plug it in and load the GUI.
    I know the cables are good.

    I have also tried connecting via UART
    The Gui sees the uart - usb connecter however just gets stuck and says 'connecting'

    Any ideas anyone?
  • Probably drivers are not installed, or they are not installed correctly. See the users manual.
  • I believe the drivers are installed correctly.
    Could you please walk me thru it so I can check for errors.
  • Sorry, I am not familiar with USB connection problems. I installed the drivers long time ago and it just has been working.

    Make sure though you are using up to date GUI (Software on computer)

    And on mac it sometimes hangs, restarting heps.
  • The first page of the manual has two links for making the USB connection on the computer. My OS 10.9 used the second one. After downloading and installing the App the computer needs to be restarted before it works for the first one. I'm guessing it's the same for the second link. Good Luck.