Every other time I connect to GUi it says Frame IMU not connected
  • Every other time this happens, I am not sure why. All the wires are connected correctly.

    Also after I calibrate , and adjust everything some times it will drop out even with the simplest moves.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • I have exactly the same issue. Brand new alexmos & IMUs
  • Probably interference, could come from computer if you connect with USB. Try using shorter IMU cables, separated from other cables and ferrite rings if needed.
  • the IMU cables are pretty much as short as they can be. Can you explain a little further about interference and what that means exactly.

  • electro magnetic interference. Could be that your USB cable is not well shielded or computer is very noisy (EMI)

    Do you get any I2C errors. Does it work ok when computer is not connected?

    Is it powered with battery also when connected to computer.

    It could be also faulty connector or cable.
  • Yes I believe I get 12C errors, The battery is connected while connected while its connected to the computer. Is there a simple way to check or is it a re-wiring situation?

  • If you get I2C errors they should be visible in the GUI information window (bottom part of the screen)

    Just verify IMU connectors and cables visually. If they are silicon cables pull them gently wire by wire, they could be broken inside. Do not pull hard.

    Have you calibrated both IMUs?
  • if the imu is damaged, does it not light or the red light flashes briefly when you turn on?