Looking for virtual assistance
  • This may open me to ridicule - but I'm looking for some help fine-tuning my alexmos 32 bit gimbal.

    My story is a long and sordid one, starting with an alixpress storm32 gimbal that was an absolute nightmare. The software was wrong, I was on Mac and it wouldn't connect using a PC emulator, the board ended up semi-functional. That took a couple of months and many, many hours to sort out, and in the end I returned the unit.

    Then I bought a 32 bit alexmos from alixpress and after a month of trying to get this bad boy to work, the top gimbal casing came loose and it had to be returned. The replacement was "tuned" at the factory, but it's still very shaky on certain movements. I've watched many tutorials and have tried to finetune the PIDs, but alas, it has not been easy sailing.

    Ergo, if there is a member of the forum that is a simplebgc guru open to my proposal, please PM me. I am looking for someone that could teamview / skype with me to help fine tine the gimbal. I will offer paypal compensation for your valuable time. I would love to get this thing working! Many thanks for your ears and eyes.
  • The PID tuning is easy when everything is mechanically ok and basic setup done correctly. Lately I have been using mostly auto tuning and in most cases it works just fine.

    1. first do tuning on all axis with good stability setting holding the gimbal in steady level position.

    2. then autotune one axis at time starting from pitch, try different stability settings and but the gimbal in position where it vibrates worst. repeat for all axis.

    If this does not work, you probably need to look in to the gimbal mechanics, that everything is solid and well balanced and that basic setup is correctly performed.

    If you like to have private support, you could PM me, or I can assist you here at the forum, free of charge (but donations are welcome :).

    Pictures/videos of your gimbal will be needed to define what is the problem.

  • Oh cool! I will contact you soon. Best to you.