Disable stabilization ?!
  • Hello all,

    I have a gimbal that is controlling only the Roll axis , using a 3-way switch I want to have the following modes(profiles):
    -freeze - Stabilisation OFF;
    -freeze - Stabilisation OFF;
    -stabilisation ON

    If I understood well I must define for the 3way switch action for Low , Mid, High.

    For High is the easiest thing because I already have the gimbal working/stabilizing but what should I do in order to have Stabilization OFF (to better explain , I want to have the gimbal in a fixed position - level/ zero movement and to remain in this fixed position) ?

    Thank you.
  • There is not really a stabilization of off setting that would keep the camera fixed.

    You can set a tight follow that could suit your application? You could also try setting 'I' to 0.
  • I have tried with I to 0 but it still does stabilization...

    The gimbal is on a flying wing that is used for photomapping, during take-off and landing I want to have the camera/gimbal leveled / fixed / no stabilisation in order to avoid to hit it , but during the flight I want the gimbal to do it's job.

    Any suggestion ?
  • Did you try seting all PID to 0? There is not such functionality as lock the gimbal. I understand that is what you are asking.

    I would make the gimbal with encoders, set the limits and use follow.