Battery issue
  • Hello there,
    I'm using 4 Li-Ion 3,7v connected in series.
    It works perfect with the 32bits board, but i've noticed a short working time.
    Testing individually the batteries, I found that always 3 of it has full charge, and one is low. I tried many different batteries, and the same thing happens.
    Does anyone knows why this happens, and how can I fix this?
    Many thanks
  • Newer run the LiPo empty, if you do it is gone. Set battery alarm on board.

    Your problem could be also battery charger. Is it balancing ok?
  • Hi Garug,
    That's it, was a charger problem.
    Many thanks!
  • Garug, people,
    The battery problem has return...
    I've tried many times to run the gimbal with the 4 LI-ION batteries in series, and every time I run it, it starts to beep in 10 minutes (the necessary time to discharge only one battery).
    When I measure the battery charge, 3 of it are +-3,7v, and one is about 2.2v.
    I've changed the batteries many times, and the same thing happens...
  • It sounds like your battery is failing.

    Basecam has no control over the LiPo cells, it just takes current from the complete battery. If one cell empties too soon, then it is battery or charger.
  • Ps. If the cell has been discharged to 2.2V, then it is pretty much dead for ever.
  • That's strange, Garug.
    Yesterday, I tried with 4 brand new batteries, and the same thing happens.
    Maybe the batteries needs to be charged and balanced togheter.. could be this?
  • You have something seriously wrong and you are killing batteries. What batteries are you using. If they are separate batteries they need to have same capacity and charge level otherwise one of them will go empty before other and the voltage on that cell will drop too low and it is destroyed.

    Also you maybe should adjust the voltage alarm to lower voltage.
  • Garug,
    Thank you for your always oportune help.
    I'm using Li-Ion 18650 8800mAh 4,2v (4x separate).
    The batteries charges, all of them to +_ 3,9v, but as I said, only one of them discharge first (but not die, is possible to recharge it).
    This is drivin' me crazy, doesn't make any sense to me...
  • If it goes 2.2V it is probably dead. I am not sure about 18650, normal RC battery would be dead. You should never let normal LiPos below 3.5V Below 3V and it starts to suffer for sure.

    Dead does not necessary mean it does not work at all, but it has very low capacity compared to what it should have. i.e. works exactly as you describe.

    4S 8800 mAh is a huge battery, how long do you run the gimbal with that? on normal gimbal it should work some 6 hours at least with that.
  • Garug,
    It works 10 minutes, and the battery drops to 2.2v. I change the battery, it works 10 minutes more, and another battery drops to 2.2v. And is always the same thing...
    I will try a brand new pack, to see what happens, and I'll post here..
    Many thanks
  • That is just not possible if the battery would have 8800mAh in it. It would take 52 A current to empty it that fast, the board normally consumes just about 1.5A absolute maximum would be 5A.

    Can you test the batteries somehow?

    You must have faulty battery or charger.
  • Garug,
    I did many tests, and you're right, something is seriously wrong.
    I tried to use the 4-batteries pack in 2 different gimbals, sometimes it discharges right, and sometimes, wrong.
    For example: In my last test, with 4x 3.9v, the gimbal worked for about 15 minutes, and the low battery alarm has signed.
    When I did the test with a multimeter, 2 batteries was 3.5v, one battery was 2.2v and one was 3.0v.
    This is a mistery to me, how can it discharge differently.
    The batteries are same model and brand.

    I'm wondering if could I use 2x NP 970 Batteries (secure and more professional looking).
    Do you know if is it possible?
  • 2x NP 970 will work just fine, but it has the exact same problem, both batteries need to have same (true) capacity and charge level, or one will go empty before other.

    With your current batteries test with multimeter after charging that they are all 4.2 V. The battery that goes 2.2V at 15 minutes is broken, never use it again, it is gone, zip dead.
  • Understood! I will discard it...
    What kind of battery you recommend? Li-Po?
  • LiPo with a good charger and well set battery alarm is easy solution, LiFe is safer.

    I see no reason why 18650 solution would not work, but all cells must be equally good and always fully charged, and battery alarm well set.

  • Just a confirmation, The 2x NPF-970 batteries would be able to supply enough current, correct?
  • Well that depends of your gimbal, for any normal gimbal with normal around 10 to 16 ohm motors that will be ok.