Came Mini 2 Will Not Switch On. Any Help Appreciated...
  • Hi All,

    My Came Mini 2 gimbal has been working without a fuss for the past month or so. It hasn't been exposed to any rough and tumble. I sought out many tutorials for balancing and followed only the most reputable sources on this subject.

    However, after I took the batteries out (18650 batts) and charged them, the next day it worked for about 15minutes - beeped around 2 or 3 times and shut down. I powered on again and it lasted 2 minutes or so before it happened again. After this it does not power at all.

    I thought i may have over charged and killed the batteries, so I got some new ones. They didnt work. I charged the new batteries, still no luck.

    So I thought I should connect it to my imac and without batteries inside it was able to connect to simpleBGC. I tried to turn the motor on in SBGC and it didnt do anything. I put the batteries in, turned it on and turned on motor in SBGC and still nothing.

    So I am perplexed now.

    I got in contact with epicTV and Came, and they are reviewing the above sequence of events and will get back to me soon. I just wanted to ask here to see if I am the only one who has experienced or is experiencing this problem.

    What are the possible culprits from an experienced gimblal flyers opinion?

    Thanks for feedback in advance.
  • Not knowing the gimbal, I would suspect that maybe there is problem with the batteries making good contact. On the GUI you should see the battery voltage when gimbal is on.

    Other her than that, maybe better wait response from the seller/manufacturer.
  • Ok, thanks. They are picking it up tomorrow and it will be fixed or replaced. As a side note, anyone who lives in Europe, I wold recommend EpicTV as they are picking it up only one day after I sent an email. At no cost to me. That is very nice.