Membrane Potentiometers
  • Has anyone got experience of these things?

    Im wondering if they are flexible enough to bend around a 60mm diameter cylinder to use as a yaw pot.
    Seems there are pressure ones or magnetic ones. The magnetic ones seem to be a bit thicker so may not bend so well.
    Any info welcome.
  • I am not sure how well they take pending around the cylinder. For what purpose you indent to use it?
  • Hi Garug.
    Tried much tuning to try to stop yaw losing front but still often happens so need a yaw pot.
    Thought simple solution to stick a membrane pot around my yaw motor mount. Seems the pressure sort will easily flex but not the magnetic ones .
    Had this reply from soft pot

    The soft pot should work fine on a 60mm diameter. But a magnetopot will not
    work at all on any type of curve. They have a very rigid acrylic backing to

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    Can you advise me how flexible these pots are?
    Will they bend around a 60mm diameter and still function.
    I'm thinking of using as a rotation position sensor around a 60mm diameter
    cylinder. Only need to measure 1/4 turn so a 50mm linear unit would be
    enough. Would prefer to use the magnetic one but see they are a bit thicker

    Perhaps you can advise .
    Thanking you.
    Vince Hogg. VH aviation.

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  • It could be interesting to try that, but maybe a lot of pressure needs to be applied for it to work, maybe you could use spring and small bearing to reduce the friction, but I thin normal low friction potentiometer will be simpler and less friction. Low friction is important.

  • The actuation force is quoted as .8 N.
    Could use usual pot but motor has no external shaft for simple connect.
    Need to put pot at side someplace so have to figure out belt or gear system.
    Soft pot sell a grubs crew with spring loaded ball bearing inside to wipe against track.
    Anyway experiment will show .
  • Will be interestin to hear how it works.

    Ps. some have used also a link. removed from inexpensive small servo everything else than the potentiometer and connected the remaining of servo with link to motor.