New setup with 32bit board not sending power to motors
  • I'm setting up a new 32bit board using only 2 axis but for some reason there isn't any power going to the motors. I'm powering from 4S and also have USB plugged in. I did the 6 point configuration on both sensors. I did the auto on motor configuration but get different results every time I try. The problem is I don't see any movement of the motors. I have power level set to 100 on roll and pitch and 0 on yaw. I'm not getting any errors. Could I have something set wrong that would interrupt power to the motors? When I use the MOTORS ON/OFF button I get the beeps from the controller but I see no action on the motors.

  • why do you set 0 to yaw?

    Select active axis on advanced tab.
  • No reason other than not using yaw. What should it be set to?
  • OK I've disabled it in advanced tab. Any idea why my motors are not getting power?
  • Ensure voltage calibration and that it is not set to cut off the motors.
  • I did voltage calibration and stop motors is set to 13.2. I'm using 4S fully charged. I will try disabling that.
  • I raised power level to 220 and have PID set to 100 / .2 / 20 but still no movement from motors. Also disabled the low voltage cutoff of the motors.
  • I would disconnect the motor connectors from the board and measure that between each motor cable pins there is about same resistance, i.e. verify that motors and cabling is ok.

    If they are erase the EEPROM and set everything carefully up again. if that does not help, then it must be a faulty board.

    Make sure though GUI is not saying accelerometers not calibrated. If it is not possible to calibrate the IMU, then it could be something wrong with the IMU or IMU cable.
  • I'm not getting any error that accelerometers are not calibrated. The only thing I notice is the sensors have a red light but that might just be the style of the board. The problem might be the motors. They've never been used so I wasn't expecting them to be the problem but I just tested the resistance and at first I was reading 15 megohms. Then I tested it again and it read an open circuit. What should the ohms be? I was expecting about 10 ohms more or less.
  • Thanks for the suggestion to check the ohms. I've never used the motors so really didn't expect them to be the problem. Well after opening the first one, I found a broken wire on one of the windings. Just hanging out there like maybe it got caught on a magnet when the motor first turned. The winding quality doesn't look to good either. Sort of loose. Now I need to learn now to rewind these. :-/ They are iPower 2208.