motors cogging properly?

  • Hello. hope the link works. I don't think the motors on my gimbal are cogging properly. they have very little torque, and when i move them they have very many small cogging clicks instead of big ones. The motors don't react to a change in power, reverse direction or number of poles in the gui. what Is going wrong here?
  • I see not really any problem on the video, but difficult to tel from it. Maybe a low 'I' on roll as it is returning slow?

    How does the gimbal work?

    However it is really strange if motors do not react to power or inverted. Could be that your motors are broken. disconnect the motor and measure between each 3 phase that the resistance is about same. also measure between any phase and motor metal parts that there is no connection.

    Also make sure pole count is correctly set and set the motor inverted with auto. after do not touch it.