Weight distribution in gimbal
  • I'm designing a gimbal for for my school project my back bar for the roll axis looks something similar to the movi gimbals. I was going to mount it straight to the motor but then there is weight problems. I was also told not to mount it directly to the roll motor because the weight would strain on the motor itself, so basically the roll axis cannot be the axle which would include the weight of the pitch erc..So I was informed that most of the gimbals out there, the weight is distributed elsewhere and so the motor doesn't do much carrying but just stabilize the pitch region. Could someone explain this weight distribution thing please? I'm still quite new in working with designing the gimbals so if you could use terminology that i could understand it would be great. Thanks guys!
  • You need to do some Googling. search for balancing gimbal. The gimbal must be build so that it can be balanced with the camera it will be used.
  • It's not about the balancing. It's more of the mounting the part of the system to the roll motor but not having the mass on the motor itself
  • Then it is not about weight distribution, but the strength of the axis. Normally all motors need additional support. the motors are not very strong and bearings inside to motors are very close to each other.

    Te load the roll motor must carry is pretty straight forward, camera/lens and the part of the gimbal that is in between camera and roll motor. It depends totally of you camera/gimbal. And you must take into account the accelerations the gimbal must take.

    Then you must look into how to calculate moment. http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/statics-how-to-calculate-a-forces-moment.html