Pitch connection causing motor to lock and overheat
  • I have just bought 2 second hand gimbal setups from ebay. I have identified them as a clone simpleBGC 2.0 and a Basecam 3.5 (I think!) and I have preceded to set them up as the previous owner had no knowledge of how to 'program' the boards. I have managed to hook the 3.5 up to my computer and updated the firmware. When I plug in a motor to the pitch input on the board and power it with a 3s lipo, the connected motor instantly locks up and begins to heat up very quickly, even though the power levels for both axis are 0. Regardless of what settings I try or different motors, I still get the same outcome. The motors spin happily without power and I have even managed to calibrate the roll axis just fine with both motors.

    I have searched all day for a solution and the closest description of my issue by someone else was on this forum last year:http://forum.basecamelectronics.com/index.php?p=/discussion/1310 The op seemed to have decided to send their board back and switch to 8 bit for now, but seeing as I bought them second hand off ebay I believe it would be difficult and pointless to get a refund. I am convinced that the previous owner has not damaged anything on the board as they spelt gimbal wrong twice (gimbol then gimble).

    If anyone has encountered this problem and has some sort of advice to proceed I'd be very grateful