Controller only returns corrupted data via Serial between Raspberry and Controller
  • Hey,
    currently I'm working on a project, which needs to control my Gimbal from a Raspberry via a serial connection.
    The Setup is: Raspberry(3.3V) <-> logic level converter <-> Gimbal(5V)

    I already have a small success, as i can send the motors_off command to the Gimbal, which reacts accordingly (at least in most cases)
    The one problem, which persists is, that i can't get any valuable response from the controller.
    If I'm right the response should be in the same shape as my commands (stated in the serial documentation with header and body)

    My sent Command is: 3e6d006d0000
    3e = '>'
    6d = command 109 for motors off
    00 = data len 0
    6d = header checksum
    00 = data
    00 = data checksum

    But i think the issue is not my command, as the motors are turned off, at least in most cases
    I was thinking i should get a response with the same layout but not even the first byte is '>' in any of the cases. just random numbers.

    baudrate is 11520
    parity is even
    8 bit board with 2.40b7 firmware
    connection was tested with a loopback after the logic level converter (raspy ->llc -> loop back to output channel on controller side of llc -> raspy)

    thanks for any hints!
    cheers max