Can someone help me get Basecam to recognize my driver/gimble when plugging in my USB?

  • at 7:20 of that video is where my problem begins.
    However I did have basecam running fine a few days ago. But i could not get my Gimble/go pro to stay level. I took it to a friend for help and what ever he messed with ruined everything. I can no longer see anything except the 4 bluetooth situation he mentions in that video. (but at one time i did)

    I am not very familiar with using terminal on my mac due to my computer illiteracy. It was only through that you tube video i made it that far.
    maybe if someone could explain to me how to uninstall using terminal i could re-try doenloading the simple GUI again.

    i am using

    Computer; Mac
    Gimble : DYS 3 axis go pro gimble
    Basecam; 2.30
    driver; Sililabs
  • that is not my video fyi. that is not a video of my problem. its just a video on how to install. im using it to show you at 7:20 what i am not seeing