Connection LOST / DYS32bits / 2_50b3
  • Hi all,

    I got 2 DYS 32bits, after flashing the last firmware and few times connected them to the software. I can't connect them any more to the soft.

    I tryed with various soft but no way... Same problem on both board!

    Any idea How to get connection again???

    I have a third one with older firmware and no problem, same MacBook and same wire.

    Please help as you can...

  • Hi all, Without answer to give me solution. I tried to connect on a PC.

    Then 2.5 works on the PC but not on the MAC!!

    Downgrading to 2.43b9 it's working!
  • Is the GUI version same as FW version, if not, that can cause problems, should connect though.