Irregular motion with joystick connection
  • I'm having an issue with my joystick input. It will generally work properly, but occasionally the gimbal will just start rotating and pointing the camera in a different direction. It's almost as if it decides to reset to a 0 position, though it's generally putting it off level in all axes. I had tried unplugging the cable from the joystick (still connected on the board side) and the issue was still there. I have to go to the settings and disable the pins to make the issue stop. This is using the 32 bit board... I think I'm on 2.5b3, but it's happened across several versions.

    I do wonder if the cable is the issue, it's a home built cable and I've tried making new ones a couple times to fix this. Not sure what else could be going on here or how to go about fixing it.
  • How long is the cable? Long cable could need some special attention, filtering capacitor etc.

    Make sure the connectors are ok on board end. if + or ground has bad contact, it could have problem like you describe.
  • It's about 1 metre, maybe a bit shorter. The side near the board I have wrapped through a ferrite core.