Just installed new frame IMU - light is solid red, not recognized in software (Ebay -Came 7000 type)
  • Hi everyone,

    I've been trying to configure my new gimbal - it's a came7000 type gimbal from ebay, just like this one:


    When first trying to set it up, everything appeared to be working, but I broke my frame IMU sensor. I just received a new one in the mail from basecam, installed it, but now I can't get the software to recognize it.

    When I hook everything up, the light on my camera IMU is green, but the light on the frame IMU is solid red. I've enabled the frame IMU in the advanced tab, but in the basic window, I'm still unable to select the 'frame imu' button, which leads me to believe the frame IMU isn't being recognized.

    I've attached a few photos for reference:

    Frame IMU and Splitter: http://imgur.com/CCqva8R

    Control board: http://imgur.com/d88SDqo

    Can anyone help me figure this out?

  • Is it same IMU than previous one? If not, ensure that all signals are correctly connected. Usually the names of each line are visible on main bard and IMU. Different IMUs have different connections. I think some of them had even same connector, but different order of wires.

    Also different IMUs have different termination resistors some IMUs work better with some boards than others.

    Ensure also that IMU addresses are correctly set. Try to get it working with Camera IMU only first.